Race Info

The 2012 Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney Competitor Information Booklet is available online now.

The Competitor Information Booklet is presented in a new interactive format.

NB: This will be the ony Race Information you will receive prior to the Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney. You will no longer receive a printed race briefing in your race kit when you Check-In for the event. 

Essential Event Information:

Athlete Check-In

Check-In for all competitors will take place on the Friday the 13th April (1pm - 6pm) and Saturday 14th April (10.30am - 3.30pm) in the Check-In Tent at College St, Sydney.  IT IS COMPULSORY FOR ALL TRIATHLETES TO CHECK-IN DURING THESE TIMES.

You must also show identification (Driver's Licence, Passport etc) to check-in and your Triathlon Australia Licence if you are a member.

A race number and ID wristband will be issued.  You will also be given a bike security sticker, helmet sticker, EYELINE swim cap and timing chip with band. Please check all the numbers on each item match and you have been given the correct colour swim cap for your wave start. These can be changed at the athlete help desk if they do not match or are not correct.

Your ID wristband must be on your wrist on Saturday to enter transition and stay there for the Race Start on Sunday. This is your identity throughout the race.

You will also be provided with your event bag which will include your official sponsor items.

Team Check-In

Teams will receive 1x race number, 3x ID wristbands, 1x bike security sticker, 1x EYELINE swim cap and 1x timing chip with band per team (ALL team members must wear the timing chip, passed from each team member like a relay baton).  It is only necessary for one team member to register for their team, however, they are responsible for passing on the team kit to the other team members BEFORE race start.


No competitor will be accepted after Check-In closes on Saturday and we cannot be responsible for you arriving late. Please allow for mishaps when making travel arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is AGAINST RACE RULES for someone to race under your name or for you to race under someone else's. You will not be insured while racing if you do this. It will also result in suspension from your State Triathlon Association and you will be banned from any future USM EVENTS events.

Bike Check-In

Compulsory for all individuals and at least one team member. Bikes to be racked by individuals and team members on Saturday 14th April (12noon - 4pm).

Your bike will be visually inspected by Technical Officials and no bike will be accepted unless it passes inspection.

Security guards are on duty Saturday afternoon until transition opens on Sunday morning at 5:00am. If your bike is not checked in during this time you will not be able to participate. Technical Officials will be checking for such things as: handlebar plugs, tyres in reasonable condition, stripped cable, at least one water bottle cage.

All competitors are to enter The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney via the Main Entrance gate at Art Gallery Road. The Queen Elizabeth II Gate located beside the Sydney Opera House precinct will remain locked on Sunday 15th April until 7.00am for security and safety purposes.

Helmets will be checked Sunday morning on entry to the transition area by Technical Officials. Ensure you have your Helmet Sticker (received at registration in your kit) on your Helmet. Bikes cannot be removed from the compound under any circumstances during this time. The individual transition must be clear before the first wave start.

Please note: only race specific equipment is permitted to remain in transition; all other items can be stored in our gear tent for the duration of the event.


There are three parking options available:

OPTION 1: Opera House Car Park, Entry via Maquarie St. This car park will be open at 4am and will cost $15
OPTION 2: The Domain Car Park, Entry via St Mary's Rd. This car park will be open at 5am and will cost $10
OPTION 3: Cook and Phillip Park Parking, Entry via Cathedral St. This car park will open at 4am and will cost $10

A parking map options is now available online.

For bike collection on Sunday, there are also 2 Pick Up Zones designated for spectators who are located on Macquarie St and in the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain.

Please be advised it is recommended that athletes park in on of the 3 carparks and walk their bikes back to their cars after the race, to avoid congestion around transition.

Wave Starts

Wave Starts are now available online.  Please check that your swim cap colour you receive at Check-In reflects the colour of your wave start. 


Will be held after the event at approximately 11.30, in Hyde Park.  Please do not bring your bikes with you as there is limited area outside to store them.

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