14 April 2012



On the win….“It’s good to get the job done.  I am keeping the emotions out of it and just focussing on what I have to do. I have a few days off now so I am excited about that.”

“Mooloolaba was the first step and proved what I could do.”

“There was more pressure today in knowing what I could do that and coming to do it again, I am sure there was probably a few people who thought it was a one-off  so I am just glad I have done it again and hopefully I can put some of those doubters to rest.”

“It’s special, especially at high money. This is my biggest win so far so it’s great.”

What’s next...“I am heading to San Diego.”

On the swim...“I had a shocking start this morning, I got absolutely belted. It’s so brutal out there. Those girls can be so angry, I just don’t get it. We’re all trying to go one spot, let’s just spread out and get there. I got pushed, pulled  and hit. I didn’t think I was anywhere near to the front.”

“When I came out and when I was onto the bike I was surprised to be back in front again which I was really happy with.”

On training and race plan...“It’s all about consistency. I have had the worse run ever over the past four years so I finally just put five months of consistent training and got it together.  I haven’t had any interruptions or injuries, touch wood. It’s just been easy and good.”

On Olympic Selection...“We were told earlier in the year that they (selectors) would make a decision straight after Sydney but who knows what they will do, I would say they will stretch it out now. I think anyone on the Olympic start line can medal, anything can happen, so if I am on that start line then we’ll see what will happen.”


On today’s result….“Today was the first race of my season so I am really happy. I really had to keep my position in the pack to make sure I was setting myself up well but I am really pleased with today’s result.”

On her Olympic Campaign…..“With having already qualified and getting a podium finish today shows that I am in a good place and that winter training went well. It shows that I am fit although I am not at full but it’s really positive. I am heading to San Diego next to get a block of training in. I just need to keep progressing from this race. I am looking forward to working towards the Olympics.”


On her performance….."I am really pleased, there were a lot of girls who went out hard. I think we had a group of eight after one lap, so, I felt really good. Erin was in such good form on the run, she ran so fast in Mooloolaba and I was lucky and happy to keep with her right until the last 2 kilometres."

On her Olympic campaign….."For me, I have qualified, but for Other New Zealanders, they were looking for a good result here. I always want to race well and I like racing from the front, so it was good today."

What’s next…."I am heading back to New Zealand for a couple of days. Olympic teams selections are named on Wednesday, and then on Wednesday night I fly out to France and start preparing.”

On her race plan.."Nothing hugely different. I had my first race in Mooloolaba, and it was like a warm up, so it was good to have that out of the way, and be able to go straight and have a good race here. So, everything is on track.”

Is she happy with two bronze medals?..."Well I'm disappointed in one, but I'm happy that I can run up there with the leaders. Things are going well.”


On the race today and her Olympic campaign…“It’s very encouraging to see an Aussie on the podium especially after how we went last year. Erin is doing really well.

“I felt great today. I felt good swimming and on the bike and I guess there’s a bit of work to be done on the run.

“There is still 104 days until the Olympics so there is time.”

“Erin has had a bad few years for her so to see her get back on track is really encouraging. It shows you should never give up and have a bit of faith in yourself.”

“You’ve got nothing to lose. We’re all on the start line together so you just have to give it your everything, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do that.”


Qualified for German before, but was this an important race for you?,…It was not a big goal, but I have to make the top 20 for the final qualification. Now I can concentrate for London.

My racing has worked so well at the beginning of the year and it’s really good motivation for me to have this win and it’s great training for London.

About your race?....The swim was solid. I’m not the best swimmer, so I sat in the middle of the pack. In the bike I tried to stay in the top 10-15, but it was such a big group today; it’s quite dangerous in the middle. Transition 2 was good for me and I had a good run out.

Alexander (Bryukhankov) made a fast run in the front, so it was good for me because it split the pack. From 6km mark I tried to push a bit and he dropped; so I kept running and running to make a bigger gap and make it to the finish line.

About Vidal’s good form and your training….. the Mooloolaba Tri he (Vidal) had good training, but I looked for Sydney and I had a really good 3 weeks training including speed sessions. I’ve been in Noosa like last year in between the races.

Will this race secure your spot at the Olympics?...YES FOR SURE!

What’s next?.....I will do some small races in Germany and France – and a training camp in the next 5 weeks to keep on racing; then I’ll race Hamburg which will have some of the big guys.


On today’s race….“It’s been coming for a long time. I have been working really hard on my swim. I have always had a real problem with the swim. It managed to come together. I was thinking it was going to be all or nothing and I managed to hold it on the run. On the last lap of the run I was really hurting, I knew it was going to happen I was just waiting for the right moment.”

On Olympic selection….“I think after today it would have bumped me up in the rank and I think I will be going to the Olympics but will keep my performances up until then.”

What’s next…..“My next event, I will be racing in San Diego, America on the 14th of next month and then the aim is to do Madrid and a few others.”


On the race….."It was good. Never easy to get the podium. Obviously when I was on the run, I went all in to try to catch Steffan (Justus), I was a bit short today. It’s a good race, the crowd was amazing, and the course was great. It’s not often where you get to rack your back in between the opera house and the (Sydney) harbour bridge. I mean, it's stunning and racing on this course is clean and real. So I loved it."

Everyone always talks about backing up after Mooloolaba. Is it a difficult thing to do it so close together..."I think it's true. But at the moment, I mean the Olympic Games are in a long time and I was focussing on getting the training done and this block of racing was part of my base training and in the end I came up with something consistent. For sure, I did a strong performance in Mooloolaba, I don't think it's the best build up for Sydney, but I went from being without winning a world cup, I got third here. And now I'm going back to France, having an easy week and building up for Madrid and then of course the Olympic Games."

What’s next on the agenda….."I'm going to choose. I'm going to do Madrid, Kitzbuehel and the World Cup in Banyoles. I'm going to skip Hamburg, because it's three weeks before the games and I understandably I will do some specific work. After the Games I will do the series, but I'm not really thinking after the Games at the moment (laughs)."

Both Laurent and Andrea have some consistent, good races together, on his training..

"We like the best together, and it's worked for him, it's worked for me."


I forget how long 10km is! It was a really hard course and I had to spin a bit on the last 2 laps of the bike.

I was a bit aggressive today, and did the same thing 12 years ago. I had to be less aggressive on the last few laps to rest the legs before the run.

The Russians were very aggressive today. I tried to get to the front, but those boys are so strong.

I didn’t win today, but I’m happy as the first Australian across the line; it’s a good start.

Hopefully I can do something good in San Diego as well.

If you had of told me a year ago it (London) was possible – I would have laughed (this old timer?) – he jokes.

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